University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Welcome To The UALR EAST Lab!

We are happy you are checking us out. Our lab is one of the finest you will find in a college environment. Our resources are significant. Our intent is to make sure everyone has a pleasant and educational experience in our lab. We work diligently to maintain and continually improve the lab and all of our equipment.

If you are a faculty member you will find a section above called Quick Links. Inside there are links to view the EAST Lab reservation calendar and submit a request to book the lab. You will also find these links for the College of Education Auditorium as well.  

If you are a student, whether currently attending UALR or not, feel free to look around at everything this website has to offer. You will find photo galleries, news articles, and most importantly information regarding the UALR EAST Scholarship AND a link to the UALR scholarship application.

If you happen to find a broken link or a page whose formatting may be a little bit off please don't hesitate to contact us.